Camp Speers is special

Every camper has a story, each one different than the last. But camp does what many think may be impossible. Camp Speers brings everyone together by creating a fun and safe environment for all of these individuals to grow and form forever friendships


It is the most magical place

Camp has made such a positive impact on my life. It is the most magical place anyone can go. There is no other place in the world that has such an uplifting atmosphere. Camp has introduced me to some of my best friends and led me on so many adventures I’ll never forget. I am so beyond grateful for the opportunity I was given to make all of the unforgettable memories I have made over the years.

Caitlin H

Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid to be out of your comfort zone and try new things. Be open minded and you will create memories and relationships that will last a lifetime. Best advice for a first year camper: Leave expensive attire and sneakers at home. Channel your outdoorsy side and always carry a water bottle.

Gab, Speers Staff

Camp Speers is my home away from home!

Camp Speers is my home away from home! Everyone here is my family!


Camp Speers

Camp Speers feels like I am on vacation with my family!


I love camp!

I love camp because it’s a place where you can be yourself and find a group of friends that accept you for who you are. It’s a really big family that welcome everyone.

Daniel, Staff

I love camp!

I love camp because you don’t get judged and you can be yourself.


I love camp!

I love camp because it means new friends and new opportunities.


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