Speers Internship Program

At Camp Speers YMCA, we understand and appreciate the decisions young adults make about how to spend their summers. Summertime is often thought of as a time to decompress, enjoy life, connect with friends, and have fun. But it is also a time to grow. For young adults, summer can also mean growing professionally and preparing for future careers. But how can you do this while you are working at camp? Here’s everything you need to know about interning at Speers and why we think it could be the best addition to your resume.

What kinds of internships are available at Camp Speers YMCA?

We offer internship opportunities in recreation management, education, media, photography, sports management, hospitality, and coaching. We can tailor almost all staff experiences to meet the internship requirements set by your college or university program.

How do I become an Intern at camp?

Becoming a summer Intern at our camp requires that you first apply for a staff position. If you are hired as a counselor or leadership staff member, our directors will assist you in applying for an internship, processing the necessary paperwork, and connecting you with your summer mentor.

What’s the difference between an Intern and a counselor?

First and foremost, you are being paid to intern at Camp Speers YMCA. As an Intern, you’ll need to manage the tasks that are required of you to complete your internship in addition to your responsibilities as a staff member. Most schools require a weekly log of hours worked, the completion of essays or projects throughout the internship, and a special evaluation at the end of the summer. Additionally, if summer interns have completed the hiring process by February 1st, they are invited to join our year-round team at the American Camp Association Tri-State Conference in Atlantic City in March. This invaluable learning experience is something camp professionals look forward to year after year and will serve as an awesome catalyst for your internship.

How does the Speers Internship Program work?

Once you fill out the necessary paperwork through your school, we will assign you a Summer Mentor. We have amazing leadership staff members who have incredible talent and ‘real-life’ experience to share. At the beginning of the summer, you and your mentor will create a program that meets your school’s requirements and Camp Speers YMCA’s expectations. Together, you will create a list of responsibilities, projects, and milestones that will help you achieve your internship goals. When the summer concludes, you will be able to walk away from camp with at least one tangible project (a presentation, a video, an essay, etc.).

Why should I intern at Speers when I can intern at a big office in the city?

When you intern at camp, you get the best of both worlds. A real-world job that’s also FUN! Plus, you have a lifetime ahead of you to spend in an office or in the field, right?

Still need convincing? Or do your parents need convincing? Here are 3 more good reasons to intern at Speers this summer!

Intern teaching arts and crafts

ONE: Actual pay(!) plus many more benefits: Camp is a place where you’ll make deeply meaningful friendships, gain valuable people skills, and enjoy the benefits of the expansive YMCA network. Working at camp can have a significant positive impact on your mental health, too.

Intern helping camper

TWO: You get to make a real difference in the lives of children while learning real-world, career-building skills. Things like leadership, public speaking, responsibility, and accountability… and that’s just your job as a counselor or staff member! When you intern at Speers, you will also gain career-building experience. We have plenty of opportunity to go around and we genuinely care about nurturing your success and future.

THREE: Societal pressure against spending another summer at camp is real, and we get that. But if you’re feeling the other pressures of life (classes and school work, maintaining a social life, competing on a sports team, finding time to eat and sleep, etc.), then camp might be the perfect experience for you. There is nothing like spending your days in the great outdoors surrounded by people who are all dedicated to a common goal: creating a memorable summer of fun for kids.

Sounds great… Where do I start?

You will need to speak with your college or university advisor or your major’s internship supervisor to determine whether an internship at camp is relevant to your studies. A proposal might be required, and Speers staff are happy to help you with that process. We encourage you to reach out to us regardless of where you are at in your process so that we can provide guidance and begin interviews. Internship spots are limited and we encourage students to begin this process as early as they are able.

If you have questions or are interested in interning at Speers, please contact Dani: dani.robbins@philaymca.org