Our Facilities


Speers embraces 1,100 beautifully forested acres in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. At the center of Camp, 42-acre Lake Nichecronk offers a natural environment to explore and enjoy. Located just a few miles from the Delaware National Water Gap and a couple hours from downtown Philadelphia and New York City, Camp Speers has been providing the perfect mountain get-away for campers and families since 1948.


Camp Speers has two main village centers, Eljabar and Speers, each with separate cabins. Villages feature large program areas, lodging, bathhouses and dining facilities. Check out the photo gallery below and our virtual tour or contact us to schedule a private tour!

Cabin Living –With 2 to 9 campers per cabin, we maintain a small camper-to-staff ratio, while allowing campers to bond in groups. Many campers, especially younger ones, haven’t spent much time in the woods. Nighttime sounds can be a little scary! Having solid walls around you, instead of a nylon tent, helps campers feel safe and secure in a new environment. 

Our cabins are a home away from home, with basic amenities you won’t find in a tent. But if that’s what your camper is looking for, we can accommodate! Overnight trips are offered in age appropriate ways during each session – from pitching their own tent to sleeping under the stars around the camp fire!

Supervision – In all of our cabins, there are at least two counselors to look over campers. These counselors sleep in the cabin, bond with their campers, and keep a close eye on their wellbeing. That may mean helping younger children with personal hygiene, confronting homesickness, or simply being a cool, friendly role model for teens.

Camping Opportunities – Just because we prefer cozy cabins and comfy beds, doesn’t mean that we don’t supply ample opportunities for campers to, well, camp! Cabins groups camp onsite, spending time telling stories, stargazing, and roasting marshmallows before turning in for the night. It’s a fun, low-stress introduction to camping for first-timers.


Camp Speers has two main village centers, Eljabar and Speers

Each village features fun and engaging program areas, lodging, and dining facilities. Check out the photo gallery below and our virtual tour for more information on each village, which are available for retreats in the spring and fall.


The equine facilities are conveniently located in the middle of Camp and feature two riding arenas, a large paddock, and a barn. We offer horsemanship in both English and Western disciplines. From the Center, campers can enjoy riding miles of trails throughout Camp.


At Speers, mealtime brings campers and counselors together. It creates an opportunity for spirited conversation, time to reflect on their day and foster social skills and manners. Meals are served family style in the main dining halls at Speers and Eljabar Villages.

Each week, campers sit with cabin mates, and tables are assigned, to help foster a sense of belonging for the camper. Cruisers are assigned to each table tasked with collecting food and tableware, interacting with Tables are a mix of ages and cabins, another way we help create strong friendships throughout camp.

Speers prides itself on its delicious, nutritious food for campers and staff alike, which means virtually everything is made from scratch. The culinary team is joined each summer by three other team members who help set tables and bus and clean plates after meals. Every camper receives three meals a day and a snack including vegetarian options. We also accommodate various food allergies and special dietary needs.


Cabin groups are assigned to a designated girls or boys bathhouse with each group of cabins using their respective bathhouse for tooth brushing, showers, and well, “you know.” These are modern facilities with hot and cold running water. Each has five private showers and their own private dressing areas. They are maintained daily with the goal of always keeping them fresh!