Day Camp Programs

Our Y camp provides a safe, fun, and active environment for children to develop new skills, self-esteem, and friendships. Day camp is great for kids who want to laugh, learn, explore, and grow in the great outdoors.

Day Camp’s exciting programs are for children Pre-K to tenth grade. Campers select from a variety of age-appropriate activities to create a fun schedule within their camp group like canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, sailing, arts & crafts, drama, songs and skits, survival skills, tie-dye, archery, nature art, sports, ga-ga, marksmanship, high ropes, music & more. Horseback riding is also available each week for an additional fee. 

  Safety first, always! 

We are busy planning Summer 2023! This summer, we will be following all CDC, local, state, and government guidance. We will continue to keep lines of communication open and transparent as summer approaches. One thing we know for sure: Kids will need camp more than ever.
Read our Summer Safety Information

Traditional Day Camp

The Kinder Campers (4 years to Kindergarten)

Offered all sessions

These campers experience introductory activities at a slower-paced schedule. They will get to try their hand at several camp activities at a beginner level, work on developing their social skills and begin to cultivate a love of the outdoors. This age group will enjoy extra time on our waterfront with daily swim lessons. After all that excitement, our Kinder Campers will have a quiet spot to rest. Kinder Campers will get to have a barn visit each session to meet the camp horses and take a pony ride.

**Kinder campers must be fully potty trained, including during their nap period and should be able to dress themselves independently.

Y Campers (1st – 3rd grade)

Offered all sessions

Campers will get to try a variety of different camp activities each day to determine which ones they like most and want to pursue more in-depth as older campers. They will participate in swim lessons, spend time socializing with their peers, and learn new skills.

Y Campers (4th – 7th grade)

Offered all sessions

Campers will get to dabble in all the activities camp has to offer and choose a few coaching periods to develop a more focused skill set in as well. Campers’ choices vary based on their age group but are built upon from year to year.

Teen Campers (8th grade and up)

Offered all sessions

These campers will enjoy the summer through engaging and advanced camp activities and exciting leadership theme every week. Our teens will get to experience different team building activities to expand their understanding of communication, cooperation, and task completion.

Specialty Programs

Aquamania! (Grades 1-3)

June 26 – June 30 | July 31 – August 4

This program is perfect for campers who love everything water! Aquamaniacs will have extra time at the lake, enjoy slip and slides, water balloon fights and lots of other water activities. If your child can’t get enough of water play, sign them up now

Fun on the Farm (grades 1-3)

July 3 – July 7

Calling all animal lovers! Spend the week learning about different kinds of animals. You and your fellow animal lovers will learn to take care of different animals at our equestrian center, take a pony ride, work in our camp garden, make some tasty snacks with the produce harvested, and explore the camp bog.

New! Little Builders (grades 1-3)

July 10 – July 14

Build this summer! Campers will use a variety of materials to construct new things during their week at camp. Campers will follow blueprints to build with legos and K’nex, design their own shelters in the woods, race across the lake in homemade cardboard boats, sculpt creations in the art room, and make other masterpieces their little minds can think up!

Artrageous (grades 1-3)

July 17 – July 21

Is art your passion? Engage your inner artist at this creative camp. You’ll try a wide assortment of art activities like sketching, painting, jewelry making, tie-dying, sculpting, and more. Work on your technical skills as you learn about colors, dimensions, and different art modes.

NEW! Silly Science (grades 1-3)

July 24 – July 28

Channel your inner Einstein as you spend your week seeing how things work. Campers will make bottle rockets, design their own marble roller coasters, make robots, see if they have what it takes to clean up an oil spill, see whose trebuchet can launch the farthest, and even turn milk into Plastic! If hands on activities are a must for your child, so is this program!

Sports Sampler (grades 1-3)

August 7 – August 11

Are you game for trying new sports and practicing some favorites? This program will allow you to have fun with new sports and practice your skills in the games you already love. Play games of soccer, kick ball, gaga, tetherball, basketball, archery, as well as compete in relay races both on the land and in the water.

Chefs Wanted (grades 1-3)

August 14 – August 18

This week at camp you will be cooking up a storm. Try out new cooking methods in the kitchen and over the campfire, use new ingredients to spice up your dishes, and take a tour of an industrial kitchen. Campers will try recipes from around the world and create a cookbook to recreate their favorites at home.

New! Perfect Picassos (grades 4-7)

July 3 – July 7

Art maniacs unite! This program is designed for campers who just can’t get enough of the arts and crafts room. Spend some time designing your own creations, learning about different artists and using color, value, shape, form, line, texture, and space to create perfect pieces of art. Campers will do sculpting, create jewelry, paint, sketch, do nature art and so much more.

Iron Chef (grades 4-7)

July 10 – July 14

Try your hand at competitive cooking! This week, work as a team to create a dish for the judges that uses a secret ingredient. Spend the first part of the week getting ready for the cooking battle; you’ll learn how food is prepared, practice recipes, put together your own cookbook so you can recreate your masterpieces at home, and talk with a professional about the culinary business. End your session with a food challenge to see which team can wow the judges!

Movie Week (grades 4-7)

July 31 – August 4

Lights, camper, action! Campers will write, star in, and help edit their own one of a kind feature film all while making time for classic camp activities. If drama, costumes, music and cinematography are something you want to learn more about, join the other thespians for this amazing week and get ready to see yourself on the big screen during our big premier on Friday!

Farm Camp (grades 4-7)

August 7 – August 11

We’re excited to offer this program where campers can learn more about farm animals, try their hand at horse care and riding, and learn about animal habitats and the proper food and care needed for all different kinds of animals. Campers will also work in the camp garden to learn about growing food, composting, and creating healthy snacks with homegrown fruits and veggies.

NEW! Ultimate Survivor (grades 4-7)

August 14 – August 18

We’re excited to offer this new program where campers can learn more about the outdoors and see how well they can survive in the wild. Campers will learn about backpacking, purifying water, building shelters and fires, edible plants, animals to avoid, practice fishing, and even do an overnight cookout/sleepout! The question is…Do you have what it takes to survive!?

NEW! Climb On (grades 6-10)

July 17 – July 21

If you love soaring to new heights, come join us as we climb our way through camp. Campers will start with developing general team building skills, try the various rock climbing walls at Camp Speers, and then venture out to the high ropes course for zip lining, the giant’s ladder and a final Leap of Faith!

Ships Ahoy! (grades 6-10)

July 24 – July 28

Spend your week on paddling around our onsite lake, Lake Nichecronk, using all the boats camp has to offer. Practice your paddling skills, have competitions, and work asa team to complete daily water challenges. If being on the water is one of your favorite camp activities, this is the program for you!

NEW! Everest Day Camp (grades 3-8)

June 26 – June 30 | July 3 – July 7 | July 17 – July 21 (9:30 AM – 3:30 PM)

Everest is a new day camp program for campers with mild to moderate developmental, physical, and/or intellectual disabilities. Everest campers enjoy games, sports, swimming, crafts, dance, and visits to our camp farm at a pace set just for them. This small group of campers will have a 1:3 ratio and camper’s one-on-ones are welcome to join in on the camp fun as well! 

Equestrian Programs

Horse Lovers (grades 4-10)

Offered all sessions

A traditional day camp experience with an equestrian focus. This program provides the best of both worlds. Campers are grouped according to skill level and will spend part of each day at the equestrian center learning stable management skills as well as improving their riding skills. Campers will head out for a trail lunch as well as participate in a riding demonstration on Friday. When not at the barn, campers will be able to try their hand at traditional activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, climbing tower, archery, arts and crafts. No experience necessary for this program, just a love of horses.

What to wear to camp

Closed-toe shoes or sneakers *please note that crocks do not count and may only be worn at the waterfront.

Clothing appropriate for the weather *we encourage layers.  

What to pack for camp

Kinder Campers have a scheduled rest period daily, they may bring a sheet, blanket, pillow, an/or stuffed animal for the rest spot. These items will be kept in the bunk room during the week and returned for Friday check-out

**Children participating in horseback riding will need long pants and boots with a one-inch heel**

Things to leave at Home

All electronics (including cell phones)-Camp Speers YMCA will not be responsible for lost/damaged items and we encourage children to unplug and connect with the outdoors during their camp day. If campers are found with these items, they will be kept in the camp office and returned to the family at the end of the day. Please contact the YMCA if there is an emergency in which you need to contact your child.

Things to keep in mind

All clothing, as well as possessions, need to be clearly marked with your child’s name.

We will make every effort to get lost belongings back to your children as quickly as possible. Please inform the directors at drop off if you notice an missing item. Unmarked or unclaimed lost and found will be held until August 28th, at which time they will be donated to charity.

Day Camp Planning Grids!

Click the button below to view our Day Camp Planning Grid! These grids are designed to help make your summer planning easy. White boxes signify available camp weeks/sessions for our camp options and add ons.