Day Camp Programs

There’s no place like Y Day Camp at Camp Speers YMCA in Pike County! Our camp provides a safe, fun, and active environment for children to develop new skill, self-esteem and friendships. Day camp is a great choice for kids who want to laugh, learn, explore and grow in the great outdoors. Plus, a hot lunch is served daily in our camp dining hall!

Day camp programs offer children from Pre-K to tenth grade the opportunity to experience the exciting Camp Speers programs. Campers select from a variety of age-appropriate activities to create a fun schedule within their camp group like canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, sailing, arts & crafts, drama, songs and skits, survival skills, tie-dye, archery, nature art, sports, ga-ga, marksmanship, high ropes, music & more. Horseback riding is also available each week for an additional fee. *Activities are available based on age-appropriate progression.

The Kinder Kampers (3 years to kindergarten)

experiences introductory activities at a slower paced schedule. They will get to try their hand at several camp activities at a beginner level, work on developing their social skills and begin to cultivate a love of the outdoors. This age group will enjoy extra time on our waterfront with daily swim lessons. After all that excitement, our Kinder Kampers will have a quiet spot to rest. $225 per session.

Y Campers (1st grade-7th grade)

will get to dabble in all the activities camp has to offer and choose a few coaching periods to develop a more focused skill set in as well. Campers’ choices vary based on their age group but are built upon from year to year. $225 per session

Teen Campers (8th grade and up)

enjoy the summer through engaging and advanced camp activities and exciting off-camp trips every week. Our teens will get to experience different team building activities to expand their understanding of communication, cooperation, and task completion. $245 per session.

Camp Speers YMCA Open Houses

We currently do not have any open house dates scheduled for Summer 2021. Please check back!



Day campers select from a list of available activities each week.  These could include canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, sailing, arts and crafts, drama, songs and skits, survival skills, tie-dye, archery, nature art,  sports, ga-ga, marksmanship, high ropes, music and more. Horseback riding is available each week for an additional fee.

Camp Activity Fee
Kinder Camp (ages 3-5) $225 / week
Kinder Camper Pony Ride $10 additional fee
Youth Camp (ages 6-12) $225 / week
Teen Camp (ages 13-15) $245 / week
Horseback Riding Lessons $150 additional fee
Before & After Camp Care $30 per week – Before Camp Care (7am – 9am, includes breakfast)
$20 per week – After Camp Care (5pm – 6pm)

2020 Example of Weekly Themes

What to wear to camp

Closed-toe shoes or sneakers *please note that crocks do not count and may only be worn at the waterfront
Clothing appropriate for the weather *we encourage layers

What to pack for camp

Kinder Kampers have a scheduled rest period daily, they may bring a sheet, blanket, pillow, an/or stuffed animal for the rest spot. These items will be kept in the bunk room during the week and returned for Friday check-out

***Children participating in horseback riding will need long pants and boots with a one-inch heel

Things to leave at Home

All electronics (including cell phones)-Camp Speers YMCA will not be responsible for lost/damaged items and we encourage children to unplug and connect with the outdoors during their camp day. If campers are found with these items, they will be kept in the camp office and returned to the family at the end of the day. Please contact the YMCA if there is an emergency in which you need to contact your child.

Things to keep in mind

All clothing, as well as possessions, need to be clearly marked with your child’s name.

We will make every effort to get lost belongings back to your children as quickly as possible. Please inform the directors at drop off if you notice an missing item. Unmarked or unclaimed lost and found will be held until August 28th, at which time they will be donated to charity.


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