Health and Safety
at Camp

We know, now more than ever, kids need the fresh air, social interaction (with precaution), and growth opportunities only camp can provide right now. We want to help kids get back to a sense of normalcy and make up for time lost.

We are sure you have plenty of questions about how we will create a safe camp community. Building on the guidance of our risk management team and subject matter experts, we’re eagerly looking forward to summer 2021.

Guided by industry best practices, the American Camp Association, YMCA of the USA, and guidance of governing health agencies, here are some of the procedures we will institute for camp to keep our kids & teams safe.

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What is the Y doing to prioritize health and safety for my child at camp?

Here are some of the procedures we will institute for camp to keep our kids & teams safe:

Pre-Camp Arrival: 

Seven days prior to arrival we ask that campers partake in only low risk activities as explained by the CDC. At check-in all campers will be screened before completing check-in.

All campers will be mailed a lower nasal PCR covid-19 test to be completed 72 hours before check-in. All campers will need a negative result to attend camp. More information about the testing will be sent to you within the upcoming weeks. We are partnering with Grapefruit to provide our Covid-19 testing.  Grapefruit will be working with your family’s insurance company to cover the cost of the Covid-19 tests under the CARES Act.

While at Camp: 

  • Check-in: Camper’s will be assigned a specific time to check-in between the times of 2-4pm. We ask that only one parent/guardian accompany the camper to camp.  The check-in process will be done outside as much as possible and parents/guardians will not be able to go up to the cabin. More details will be shared that are specific to each program.
  • Check-out: Families will be assigned a time for check-out between 2-4pm. Campers will meet their parents/guardians with their luggage at the designated check-out area.
  • Daily Screening: While at camp there will be daily screenings. If campers or staff show any signs or symptoms, campers or staff will go to the Health Center and be evaluated by the medical staff. If there is cause to test, the medical staff will administer a PCR test and while waiting for results campers or staff will be placed in an isolation room in the Health Center.
  • Testing at Camp: If your camper is staying for more than one week, they will receive a second covid-19 PCR test 3-5 days into their stay. Grapefruit will work with your insurance to cover the cost. There will be more detailed information to come.
  • Masks at Camp: Campers and staff will be assigned a cohort who they will be with for their camp experience. Thecohort will be made up of camper and staff cabins/groups and be no more than 25 people. With the new guidance from CDC on June 29th, masks are not required, however, they are recommended for unvaccinated individuals.
  • Covid-19 Case at Camp: If a camper tests positive for Covid-19, their parents or guardians will be notified immediately. The camper then needs to be picked up from camp within 12 hours. While waiting to be picked up the camper will stay in the isolation room and be monitored and cared for by our medical staff.

    If a staff member tests positive for Covid-19, that staff member will be moved to the staff isolation area. Depending on where a staff member is from they will either go home or stay at camp in an isolation room and be monitored and cared for by our medical staff.

    If your camper is potentially exposed to Covid-19 while at camp, you will be notified.

    Campers will be continually monitored for symptoms by both our cabin counselors and medical staff. The cohort will continue to participate in activities and programming that do not interact with any other campers or non-medical staff. The cohort will have their meals delivered to them in their cabin.
  • Programming at Camp: Campers will participate in as much outdoor programming as possible. We plan on rotating through certain programs (waterfront, boating, ropes, archery,etc) to ensure all programs and campers have the opportunity to participate. Any indoor spaces that are used, including cabins and lodges, will have windows open to help with ventilation.  Activities will be modified to limit physical contact. Equipment will be cleaned between uses and/or sufficient supplies will be provided for all campers to enjoy. We intend to keep camp fun and your campers can expect to enjoy many of the same favorite activities they have enjoyed in the past.
  • Cleaning at Camp:  Staff will be asked to clean high touch surfaces at least twice a day in their living space. Housekeeping staff will continue to clean camp throughout the session. Their focus will be common spaces, dining hall, restrooms, and communal living and program spaces. 
  • Group Size: Group sizes will be limited and we will respect guidance regarding camp group ratios and maximum campers per site.  Camp group, once determined, will remain together throughout camp and separated from other groups.  
  • Floor markings and signage: We will mark off safe distances throughout our buildings to help keep children appropriately spaced. Reminders for handwashing, social distancing, and safe sneezing will be posted throughout camp facilities. 
  • Hygiene: Scheduled handwashing breaks will be built into each group’s schedule. In addition to that, hand sanitizer stations are available for campers throughout camp for use during their busy and fun days!
  • Swimming & Boating:  We plan to offer swimming in the lake.  We will continue to evaluate and modify based on the guidance we receive from governing agencies.
  • Trips:  This summer, we will not offer off-site trips (back country or day trips)…but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!  Instead of trips, we will take advantage of the 1100 acres right here at camp.  Keep an eye out for updates from your child’s program coordinator.
  • Overnight Campers:  We are asking for campers that will be staying overnight at Camp Speers YMCA (Overnight Campers, Dragonfly Forest Campers, Specialty Camp Campers) to come to camp with a negative test within 72 hours of arrival.
  • Cabin Capacity:  Limiting cabin capacity to 50%.
  • All Camp Families:  We kindly ask you and your families to follow the CDC Guidelines leading up to camp to help keep our entire camping community healthy during their visit to Camp Speers. Thank you for your help and support in this. It truly takes a village.


  • Staff:  At this time, the CDC has recommended that all camp staff be vaccinated. We are highly recommending all staff for their safety and for the safety of campers, to make arrangements to be vaccinated. For staff on their time off we are encouraging them to stay on site and/or around Camp Speers. For staff who chose to leave camp we ask that they participate in low risk activities such as getting take-out and eating outside. Staff will have spaces on site to enjoy their time off while limiting their interactions with people from outside their cohort.  Staff will be required to come to camp with a negative test within 72 hours of arrival at camp.
  • Medical Team:  The Medical Team composed of licensed nurses, EMTs and volunteers from our medical partners are available 24 hours a day to provide guidance and care for your child while they are at camp.  

After all we have been through this past year, kids will need camp more than ever. Click here to view all camp information or register now!

For more information and to see the most up to date information from the CDC, Click here.