Pioneering Spirit - every day of the year!

Camp Speers-Eljabar was founded in 1948 by north-central New Jersey YMCAs to provide the first inter-racial overnight camp in the YMCA system. It was the first YMCA camp founded and publicly promoted to serve an interracial constituency. We serve children, families and organizations with the same pioneering spirit that led to our earliest beginnings.

Summer Programs

Summer is a magical time for children, and nowhere is the magic more enchanting than on Lake Nichecronk! Our two sites -- Camp Speers and Camp Eljabar -- create one lasting impression. Our 1100-acre forest provides a charming setting for age-appropriate, action-packed activities and social interactions designed to meet the precise needs of each stage of a child’s development -- allowing them to excel in traditional resident camp and day camp programs.

Year Round Programs

Demand for the essence of the Camp Speers-Eljabar experience every day of the year has driven our expansion to serve men, women, children, students, and families throughout the year. Our programs offer time away for learning new things, self-discovery, and trust-building.


Our 1100-acre forest offers a serene, natural environment for group conferences and retreats as well as for school groups coming for time away and environmental education.

Special Events

What fun! We host unique and extraordinary opportunities for individuals and families – from get-togethers on-the-road to day-long festivals to entire weekends spent sharing a wide variety of activities at our 1100-acre camp.